• HEY GUYS!!!!! So super amazing news!! Next week is SHARK WEEK, which means I’ll be uploading new dessert sharks!!! BUT it’s also, magically, by the shark gods, MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Next Tuesday the 28th of June is my BIRTHDAY! and I’m gonna give away a FULL SET OF STICKERS!!! How to enter? It’s easy!! On my birthday just reblog this image, or send me an ask wishing me a Happy Birthday! :D 

  • Working on new sharks for Shark week/ my Birthday next week!!! 🍰

  • I would love to introduce my two foster babies, Pancake & FlapJack! I found them as orphaned 2 weeks ago & I’m so happy to have them in my life. My babies!!

  • Doing a new series of Lovecraftian inspired stickers! These are the cats of Ulthar (my fav story) do you guys have any suggestions of who I should draw next? #Cthulhu

  • Hey guys! I’m going to be making a new sticker set of H.P Lovecraft monsters (like my Bahopmet ones) what are some cool monsters you’d still like to see other than Cthulhu?

  • I’m doing a new series of  Tarot Cards of all the Vampires for Adventure Time’s “The Stakes” Series! I really flippin loved this mini series and I’ve been wanting to draw all the Vampires as their namesake Tarot cards, this one is The Fool!

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  • Sometimes I can get depressed, but then I think, “I’m a Unicorn, I don’t need this shit” and I magically feel better ✨🦄🌈